… different shapes of ice crystals and cubic limits. glacialogy is the sience of snow and ice.

The sekka zusetsu is a very detailed figure collection of 86 drawings, which display observation results of water droplets transformations into ice crystals. A microscopical view written in 1832 by an autodidact, who obsessively observed snowflakes- geometrically perfect shapes based on hexagons.

Doi Toshitsuras (1789- 1848) methodical observation procedure:

1 Put a black cloth out side at night, when it seems cold enough to snow. 2 Receive snowflakes with the cloth. 3 If you get snowflakes pick them up carefully and put into a black cup. 4 Be careful not to breathe on them and observe them with a microscope.

in the dawn, whales breathing out. just an ocean of frost.

Kato Gyôdai (1732- 1792)

A Japanese ‚haiku‘ poem is like a written screenshot. Haikus describe scenes, seasons, situations and generate emotions by aggregating nature phaenomena, objects, subjects and their interactions to moments of calming introspection and sensual perception.

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